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I am FED UP with you ungrateful idiots to the point where it makes me disgusted.

              You are all complaining about an INTERPREATION AND ADAPTATION of one of the most amazing books that will ever come out in history. We are all aware that this is AN AMAZING AND INSPIRATIONAL BOOK that J.R.R Tolkien put his heart and soul into, his whole life, but what I’m hearing about the movie is DISGUSTING.

        The theaters of today are filled with half-assed movies that take around half a year to film and have only around one theme to back it up, there is no passion and heart into the making of it at all. That is the truth, they are still enjoyable to watch and some even turn out to be my favorite movies, BUT do they get as much hate as this one does? No, probably not. Peter Jackson has put his whole being into making a movie that we will never see the likes of AGAIN. When is the next time you will see a movie with such IN DEPTH and PLOT. YOU WON’T. People have been complaining about it not being true to the book, well guess what, IT’S AN INTERPRETATION. There are hundreds of romance movies out there but wait- WHERE’S THE HATE TOWARDS THEM? The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s interpretation, has been getting so much hate for it when really we should first put our hate towards all the movie makers out there that put no passion into their directing.

What we are doing IS MAKING A COMPARISON. We keep saying “But the book did this-“ “The other movies did this-“ “This character wasn’t in the book-“ You are all FOCUSING ON THE NEGATIVE, and all you are doing are making amazing directors that have passion and the dedication to attempt to make the most magical book something that we can all experience, into not wanting to do it anymore. From now on we will be stuck with this stupid half-assed movies because you are hating on a movie that is ten-fold times better than they are.  People will say “well- you’re just saying it’s the best movie, it’s your opinion” NO, it’s the truth. We have never seen this much effort into a movie EVER, we have never seen such a plot before, or something that covers so many themes, the symbolism and inspiration, and how do we repay it- by bashing it and saying how much we hate it WHEN WHAT THEY DID WAS TRY.

You are just ungrateful- Okay, so you might think it wasn’t the best movie you’ve seen, but at least HAVE RESPECT FOR IT. For the actors, the directors, the artists, everyone that put their souls into making it. Tolkien is not here, but by bashing the movie you are also bashing him. People will also say “They added stuff-“ “they changed this” “OH THERE IS A MARY SUE”…… Why the hell did they do all them things do you think? To piss you off, to make you angry? No, the directors were trying to make it the best movie you’ve seen, to appeal to all ages and genres. RESPECT IT.

Do you want to get up and try to remake the book into a film? Do you want TO WRITE WHAT TOLKIEN HAS WRITTEN? Do you want to have the courage to try and do something that never has been done before? NO. So instead you bash up their hard work which will ultimately leave us all with nothing. You keep complaining about what they didn’t do or what they did put in the movie, but what you are all unwilling to understand that it is stlll a movie that it ten times more than what any other could be, but it is getting more hate for it. Why can’t we just accept THAT THE MOVIE WILL NOT BE EXACTLY LIKE THE BOOK, we won’t like everything in it, and most of all RESPECT THOSE THAT PUT THE TIME AND EFFORT TO TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING SO MAGICAL INTO SOMETHING WE CAN ALL EXPERIENCE AND LOVE. …You are all completely ungrateful for the work they have done…

I can already imagine the hate I’m going to receive for this and I didn’t go through every single point and I know people are going to be like “they have put shame to the book” or some awful shit like that, but you know- you don’t know Tolkien- I don’t know Tolkien, HOW DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE THAT IT IS A SHAME TO THE BOOK? Peter Jackson tried his hardest to make something so magical and you just step on it and treat it like crap- It is a shame that we can’t delight in the good without hearing the bad.

Reblog, like, get this message out there because all this hate will lead to us never having this magical amazing thing ever again.I DON’T WANT TO HEAR JUSTIFICATION FOR YOUR OPINION- I WANT YOUR OPINION TO BE FAIR.

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Review

      Only having just seen it I am seriously in love with The Hobbit and its adaptation. A thing to remember, that many people forget, is that the movie is an interpretation of the book, everyone is going to have different views on specific points and the different people. I believe that although some points are not true to the book and what Tolkien has written, Peter Jackson still brings us on a magical journey of what his interpretation of the book is.

 I enjoyed the places the company journeyed to and how well it was all put together to look beautiful. I especially loved Beorn and how Jackson brought him to life, along with the massive bees. Not to mention how it was mention that Beorn isn’t a skin-shifter that specifically takes sides.

We got to see character developments of the dwarfs, this time I was able to specifically remember every dwarf because of their individual personalities.  I was gladdened that especially we saw a darker nature to Thorin that is foreshadowing for the next movie, and that he wasn’t just represented as the ‘all mighty King under the Mountain’ but also someone who has flaws. 

Now Bilbo- I loved him in the second movie. He has been considerably accepted into the company, the doubts of him more so softening (then what they were in the first movie) and I feel that he is more connected to the other characters. With this certain interpretation of Bilbo I feel that Peter Jackson has able to portray his Hobbit-like personality, that is awfully sly (as he should be because he is a burglar for the company) very well. Instead of making him the front character that is in every single scene and is the focus, they shied him away to get both the realism of the story and how Bilbo’s time to shine (When he is with the Dragon) is more significant. He came along with the company for that specific reason and i believe the way Jackson thrust him into the middle of the action near the end was amazing.

Gandalf was not seen a lot during this film, but that is the way it was meant to be. The viewers whom have not read the books or appendix’s get to see a new light to the evil and how it came back to rise to its full strength again. It is enlightening, especially with moment with the Eye that has the form of Sauron. I don’t have much to say about Gandalf or the antagonists of the movie. I know for a fact that in the next movie that the Orcs will become a large threat, the focus wasn’t so much on the evil in this movie, which can mean that all the races are currently blind and naive to the upcoming threat.

This is when I bring the Mirkwood elves in. The mystical feeling and the depth they gave to the pot was amazing, Mirkwood itself let off hints that there is a greater evil coming. In the book there wasn’t a tonne lot on the Mirkwood elves, with many names not being said, but what Peter Jackson has done expanded on the notion and used the elves as a way to express what will happen in the future. They are almost like a representation of what all the races are refusing to see. There are many symbolic parts in movie and book that really get to me.

We see Legolas again and I am pleased that they show him to be realistic. They show that there is still a long way to go before elves and dwarves could get along, a hatred bred down from generation to generation. He is harsh and cares only for his own race.

Tauriel is a new character introduced, that Peter Jackson expanded on. Her symbolism in the movie actually really moved me, because she is a common elf that has started to realise what is happening to the land. To the point where she feels obliged to do something about it, in this notion I feel Legolas feels the same way (as he follows her to Laketown) but is more reserved about his feelings on the matter because he is an Elf Prince. She is young and is portrayed well as a common elf that doesn’t have such the heavy burdens or wisdom as the older/wiser elves. With the introduction of a new character from the book it is good to see that Jackson has still respected Tolkien’s work, fitting the character in quite well.

I would also like to bring up Tauriel and Kili. These two are a representation that friendship and compassion can still be had from two races that have such a large prejudice for one and other. They are both young and even we know, that young people do not feel as such strong a burden as do the older people, that is life. They see that there is time for them. What their friendship/ relationship has brought to Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Hobbit is that they can still delight in such a fragile and easily broken bond. That there is still hope for the two races, as it is seen with Tauriel feeling that she is obliged to help those that’s life is disappearing before her eyes. When Kili was about to die he starts seeing the light (Just like Frodo did in the Fellowship of the Ring) and because he is young and has never experienced something so magical and fragile he wonders that if he had lived would it ever have been possible. He never would have experienced any of those things, he is longing for it, because his life was just starting and it is fading away from him already. To me, it was all very beautiful and precious.

As always Peter Jackson has done a wonderful job in bringing a movie that is magically and full of lessons. Although it is not totally to the book, he has brought some themes of his own that are quite wonderful. It is not my place to judge someone interpretation of something, but I can expand on points they were trying to get across and how it fits in with the book. Or course, all movies have flaws, but it is about seeing beneath that and really accepting what they were trying to achieve with it all. The symbolism and the themes. The interpretation was lovely, if this book was made into a movie 100 years down the track, it would probably involve different meanings and interpretations. I love it~ And always both Peter Jackson and Tolkien’s work. 

Give Eren back!

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more shit Levi says

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sometimes im just like ‘oh my god eren!!!!!!’


and sometimes im like ‘oh my god eren


And then I’m like
Oh My God Eren!


but most of the time I’m like

oh my god



them sometimes im like


"what is it, Eren?"

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the way to a girls heart is through her animes

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Haru Glory in the Fairy Tail x Rave Special

"These two are our idiots heroes, right?"

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It’s hard to maintain that military composure when one’s granny is inspecting! 

I love how all the others are like ‘It’s the Queen I need to stand straighter and be more professional than I’ve ever been in my entire life’ and William and Harry are just like ‘lol hi Gran!’


I like to think she tries to make them laugh. 


Reblogging because SHE’S ACTUALLY SMILING

Also Harry’s face.

this is still the best post on tumblr, forever.

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